Monday, July 5, 2010


A handful of the ppl I hang out with at school, including myself. If I'm up for it, I might do up another one with some more folks I like : >  I thought I'd try something new with this and I think it worked out pretty well. Hope you guys like it <3

included is: Chris Parks, Laura Sloan, Sasha Bobasha (can't spell her last name ehehe) Kim Luu, Al Jerek Torrijaz, Derek Ainsworth and the legs of Steven Tobiasz, all of whom have fantastic blogs that can prob be found through this one.... OH and a Thurman skull for completeness ;p

More sketches

From Today's trip to the orthodontist.

Bad Gurl

This was done quite awhile ago.. like, I was still in classes when I did this up. I figure I may as well post it since I'm trying to make my blog my main art hub. Just a bit of fanart from one of my favourite ever games: Bad girl from the eclectic No More Heroes.

Bad girl is a boss near the end of the game who disappears before we even find out her name! I think I like her because there's an amazing amount of characterization put into such a throwaway villain; even though there's 0 info on her, and her involvement in the plot is minuscule at best, the few scenes she was in made me feel as if I knew her inside out and wanting more.

Here's to the tertiary character, who on occasion,  can be the 'johnny Depp' of their media.


Just a style test, total scrap. Was going to make it Envy Adams from Scott Pilgrim (read the books awhile ago, can't say the movie doesn't have me excited though) but it didn't make it far enough along, maybe I'll do that up later.

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Just a page of sketches, I think I've loosened up a bit; and cause of it, they're feeling a lot more complete. I can't seem to be able to get my hands on nico marlet's sketchbook ; p I'm going hunting!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

How to train your pet Gaga

"......can't use my apps and it looks like a crap so I don't really like my Gronckle phone!"

An experiment inspired by the amazing artwork of Bobby Pontillas and his animation appropriate style. I'm still searching for my own place stylistically, and there's just something so charming and simple about this approach; this is not to say I'm actually GOOD at it. This is really just the first step into waters unknown and I doubt I'll be staying in one place for too long.

That said, I've wanted to draw gaga in a different dragon per song for awhile now, since I saw the movie! I'd rather do them all up as finished products.... but I felt this experiment was worth showing.