Monday, October 18, 2010

Storyboard finals, finally

So the project is done and this is the result. Holy crap was that long, but pretty rewarding. I like boarding, and I like my story, but I took too long and the quality isn't as great as it ought to be for the time spent. 'Took too long' is getting to be an issue, so my new focus is getting faster at arting while preserving a consistent quality.

Oh, I also want to take my blog into a less sterile direction. Instead of only posting practice and homework, I'm going to start showing off personal pieces around here, starting with a banner hopefully, and maybe more fanart ( like the bad girl and gaga pictures from awhile ago) For whenever I get around to doing that, any critique is more than welcome, encouraged even!

revised since I missed a board during scanning.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Work dump

: p obligatory crap of the week, not my fav stuff but done efficiently. Not entirely fair, I like my action pose sheet of the cyclops throwing the ship, and the painting could've gone far worse.. if my last year marks were any indication. I don't hate the skeleton from our rom trip either really. Anywhoo, still my boards to do, I tried to leave the most time for those so we'll see if I can't impress myself this week.