Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More stuff

Just one more page though, I think I'll start working on some more presentable/ finished up stuff. It strikes me that I've been spending most of my time practicing on concepts, sketches and doodles of the same quality. Back to the drawing board!

New job

So after searching for two months I finally got a job and it's damn hard! I work closing duties knee deep in bleach and other products of various colours/opaqueness, testing my physique against a set of straining activities while fighting the clock to try and finish within 2.5 hours of my arrival; which has yet to come close to happening : p Sounds like sour grapes but I'm grateful, I wish I was making more money though.

Can't wait for the summer I get to look for a 'career' instead : ) Till then, have some sketches.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well, it's been forever

But it's not like I've done nothing so far, time for a doodle dump.... The scanner just seems so menacing when the 'to do' pile is this huge!

OH, I also turned 21 on, June 21st sooo happy b day to me haha. I would've made a post, but a post without a picture is like a birthday without a cake. So here, have some pictures! Happy b day to all my friends born on June 21 as well, you giant clump of people you.