Thursday, September 23, 2010

Story beats

Finally I get to post these! What a change after just one week; my roughs comparatively looked like crap. The pitch also went pretty nicely, I was told that I don't need frame 2 from the father beats but otherwise it was great. Part 3 of the project: turn one of the stories into a 16 frame minimum board.... considering that the 8 I did with character lineups took me a day or so to do, I expect this coming week to be pretty crammed with boarding >__>     ..I mean 'yay more boarding!'

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First tonals

These are my tonal studies for my first painting project, mm first tonal studies at least; I'd do some in gouache but the closest source of Acryla gouache is too far to get to during business hours at the moment : /

Got my beats finished and pitched today as well, which is actually the bigger news but since I don't have them scanned nicely, I think I'll downplay that for the time being.

In other news I saw splice tonight, it ws weird but sorta cool ( sorta creepy too ) dunno what to think of it just yet, but it was definitely worth mention on my blog (not to say inception, scotty p, and kickass all didn't... I'm just forgetful)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Story beat roughs

Story beats based on a poem given to us in storyboarding class, these are just the roughs though; next week comes the real deal. This year I have Nancy Beiman, and while it's too early to set my expectations for the class, from what I've seen it'll be a great learning experience and improve my staging quite a bit. For now, this is what I could come up with.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Family dinner

Went to a family dinner and had a decent enough time, I got a couple drawings (literally 2 and some thumbnails) in and I thought I should throw em up. Didn't get the chance to finish much of my work though : / This coming week will be a bit of a hassle for it buuuuut I can take it!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Red Mist

Me and some friends from school watched Kickass a few nights ago, and one of my senior buddies asked me for a drawing of Red Mist, an 'adorkable' antagonist from the film. So apparently after I gave it to her she coloured it, and just sent the finished version to me about 5 mins ago! So here's my first collab piece of the year, courtesy of the ever so awesome Leighanna Frostad, who's art can be seen here:

I'm Back! (warning, tl;dr ahead)

Wooooooo first week of school is now over, and I'm officially a 2nd year in Sheridan's animation program! So, first on the agenda is updating this place, I haven't posted anything on here in ages and considering that this is pretty much my only online art hub, that's a problem. The new term looks promising, and I immediately felt a sense of artistic purpose return as the week went on; this hopefully means I'll be posting stuff more often : >

Until I come up with some scan-worthy art to show off, please enjoy these photos of my spankin' new desk. This particular desk belonged to my role model 2 years ago, I'm quite proud to have claimed it and then thrown as much crap as I could find onto it. Decorating is presently at: 60% completion!

Oh, the inspiration on my desk includes art from: Glen Keane, Annette Marnat, and Claire Wendling. From deviant art: Chib-bee, Crazydragon, Jubilations and Arnistotle. The toys are there just for fun, if you don't recognize one, feel free to ask.