Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Goodbye Maya

My dog was put down yesterday so I'll say a few words for her...
She had been with my family for 10 years as of last week and was a really sweet dog,  I really value having had her around for my teenage years. Though I undoubtedly took her presence for granted she definitely made an impact on my life in the best of ways and I won't ever forget her. When we first picked Maya out from her litter, it was because unlike her siblings, she was eager to explore and make out all of her surroundings, a quality that defined alot of her personality and that she never lost in old age.

Maya is a petit basset griffon vendeen, for anyone interested in knowing her breed, she was extremely ill with serious pulmonary problems, and was suffering from seizures and intense discomfort towards the end of her life

Sometime over the next week, my family will be scattering her ashes at the park we always took her to, I hope school won't interfere and that I'll get to say a final goodbye.

Rest in peace Maya,
you were an exceptional companion and a good dog


  1. Aww...Aaron, I'm so sorry to hear that.. I remember when I had to put my first dog down. At least she's not suffering anymore..but I'm still so sad to hear that.

    Beautiful face, I especially love the first picture.

  2. Thanks Cassandra, frankly I'm worried about how my mom is taking it, Maya was closest to her. But yea, at least shes at peace

  3. Anytime.

    How is she doing? I'm sorry for responding so late. I always forget my password -_-.

    She was a beautiful dog. Looovve the face.