Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lip sync

Animation I did up in a couple of hours.. literally! I re-used quite a few frames after the word 'never' to save time. I should probably post more of these things, just I'm not that great at it yet ( the jump at the end is a good example of that)

Oh right, first ever lip sync! I think I'll have a ferrero rocher ; )


  1. lol Aaron. For a couple hours, it's pretty impressive!
    I like the differing shapes playing between the two halves of the lips (hard to explain), but it looks a bit too forced or exaggerated when it's animated like that throughout the whole thing. It definitely works with the last WORKING! word, though, but maybe making it a bit more subtle before then would ease the exaggeration and add more charm.

  2. I see what you mean, it isn't very believable as it is right now. Especially at the larger mouth openings on 'o'-ish sounds. i got a bit caught up in giving this mouth a defined personality, not necessarily part of the assignment, but it seemed like it would be fun to push the envelope ehehehe.

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