Sunday, November 28, 2010


Latest project in character design. I learned a lot about line art and construction and blah blah blah. I really shouldn't pass it off though, I definitely gained a level of control over my art with this one <3 I haven't grown into this knowledge yet, but I was able to pull this off with relative quickness. Enjoy!


  1. To be honest, for the male drawing of angry, I feel like the eyebrows should be furrowed more for the stereotypical 'anger' expression, but its 'sup to you. Everything else though, f'cking great.

  2. haha thnx alot : > also I know what you mean! I had trouble establishing that one in that I wanted it to be that sort of 'look downy insane' kindof anger, where the person looks almost sad with rage, wasn't sure how to express the brows properly; good catch.

  3. These are so hardcore...!
    Congrats on leveling up!