Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sketchbook completion

So a week and a half ago I finished the sketchbook i started at thanksgiving (Canadian thanksgiving) and I've been committed to posting a few pages. It's been a hassle to get it all ready though. Anywho, here's what was up around october, there's a few pages of process so please try to see past the rough/sloppy execution. Todd White (Spongebob character designer) came to the school around then and is one of the caricatures btw, it was a pretty cool interview held by Nancy Beiman. I'm happy I had the chance to go, it was fun.


  1. oooohhh lawdy lawd. is dat sum maury? ;D

  2. Man, your sketchbook pages are so inspiresomeee!
    Jam packed with tons of cool characters!

  3. Holy shit is that a scott caple in the bottom one, top right?

  4. Laura & Leighanna: it most certainly is mmmmmmmaury

    Sasha & Nicole:

    thanks! This was a pretty good sketchbook for me